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Why Do You Need A Domain Name?

  • Increases your name recognition
  • Makes it easy for your customers to remember your address
  • Indicates you are a serious Internet player
  • Helps brand your image
  • Adds a level of trust and integrity to your site
  • Many search engines refuse to list pages from free sites
  • Some search engines will only index the first page of a domain site
  • Domain names containing 'keywords' aid in higher search engine ranking
  • Allows you to use your domain address (www.yourname.com) and virtual email addresses (yourname@yourname.com) on your business cards and letterhead
  • Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available. The most popular and easily-remembered domain names are being reserved daily, at the rate of one domain name every 5 seconds!
    At that rate, in the near future, only obscure domain names will be available to the general public.
  • Avoids somebody else from registering the name you want.
  • Lets you change your current email provider and still keep the same email address
  • Protects your Internet advertising investment from failure of your Internet Service Provider
How To Select A Domain Name:
  • Make it as short as possible
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it easy to spell
  • Make it pronounceable
  • Make it a name you can brand
  • Make it non-confusable with another domain name
  • Make it not conflict with an existing trademark
  • Make it easy to say
  • Make it trust-worthy, not off-beat (i.e. a .com instead of a .to or .ws)
  • Make it directly related to either your business name or
  • Make it directly related to keywords from your industry or
  • Make it descriptive of your site's content

    • Consider multiple domain names:
    • obtain similar names to avoid competitors confusing your customers
    • obtain misspellings of your domain name to keep competitors from taking advantage of misspellings
    • obtain names for future offerings (services or products)
    • link to your main site from additional domains to aid in your search engine ranking (major search engines use link popularity in their ranking algorithms)

domain name also known as:
web address, .com, dot com, url address, net name
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